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Why Preparing Against Terrorist Chlorine Attacks Is Imperative

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Chlorine is a nasty substance (E-Plan). It has many characteristics desirable for terrorists, since it:

  • Is lethal in small quantities (100 ppm)
  • Is readily available as it is used widely in water treatment and plastics production
  • Is processed, transported and stored with little or no security
  • Becomes airborne by simply puncturing the container
  • Doesn’t dissipate easily as gas, since it is heavier than air

Unlike conventional explosives exploiting its lethal force doesn’t require complex or expensive preparation – just puncturing the vessel or blowing a hole in it is enough to release a lethal chlorine cloud. And unlike specialized chemical or biological weapons, a terrorist doesn’t need to manufacture it as they can go directly to locations where it is used.

A worst-case scenario is created below to further highlight the need for immediate action, and to prevent and prepare for a chlorine terrorist attack. While knowing the threat level is important, it is also important to know how one can protect against such an attack, and to not overreact over the slim possibility of being affected.

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